Augustow Canal

Augustow Canal - a waterway with a total length of about 102 km (including 22 km in the territory of Belarus) begins near the Polish Augustow and goes almost to the Belarusian Grodno, joins the rivers Vistula and the Neman. Artificial channel length of 45 km tied eleven rivers (35 km) and seven lakes (22 km). The channel runs through the territory of the National Landscape Reserve "Grodno Forest". This is not only one of the cleanest places in Belarus and the continent, but also the standard of plain in Central Europe, and one of the largest forests in Europe.

Today, the Belarusian part of the old channel has 5 gateways controllers, 2 dams and navigable gateway 4 - Nemnovo, Dombrovka, Volkushek and Kuzhinets. The biggest gateway Augustow Canal - four-chamber Nemnovo, length - 43.5 m, drop of water is about 10 m, and locking takes more than an hour, is also located in Belarus.

At the end of the 20th century on the Augustow Canal intensified several kinds of tourism - eco, sightseeing, sports. The channel offers tourists a variety of opportunities. Unsurpassed beauty and pristine purity of different natural landscapes around Augustow Canal. Here lie the beautiful pine forests and lakes. Most tourists prefer to travel along the canal kayaking, canoeing, motorboats and fishing. For these travelers have a lot of routes. Also Augustow Canal can be found during a walk on the boat "Neman", which is sent from the gateway Dombrovka. Many tours include a visit to those or other objects on the Augustow Canal.

Those tourists who simply want to get acquainted with this attraction, no long walks and alloys, it is best to go to the Augustow Canal to the multi-chambered gateway Nemnovo, which was already mentioned, located next to the village of the same name. Near the gateway Nemnovo on the Augustow Canal has developed a good tourist infrastructure

You can also go to the gateway Dombrovka also located near the village of the same name. Near the gateway Dombrovka on the Augustow Canal formed a developed tourist infrastructure. There is a park, rent canoes, the opportunity to ride on the boat, pavilions, relaxation area, and much more.


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