Nearby is another former Catholic monastery - Bernardine. Now, in a complex of buildings of a former monastery located seminary. And the main church of the monastery - Catholic church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross, was built in 1618. Now the church is an important historical monuments and sites of Grodno and throughout Belarus.

Another important attraction of Grodno and very important architectural monument is the Orthodox church of Saints Boris and Gleb. It is also called "Kalozha". This church was built in 1183. This is one of the oldest stone structures Belarus extant.

Another major attraction of Grodno is the old Grodno Castle. This castle was not preserved from it remained only ruins. The first stone fortifications were erected on the site of the castle in the 12th century. After that, the castle repeatedly destroyed, rebuilt and reconstructed. Recent significant changes in his appearance were made in the 19th century. Castle and the town connects by stone arch bridge, built to replace the wooden in the second half of the 17th century.

There in the city and a new castle, which is now also an important attraction of Grodno. New Castle was built directly next to the old castle in 1742. This castle was substantially rebuilt in Soviet times. Although this structure is called the castle, special defensive functions it has never fulfilled, in general it was a palace, the royal palace. In both castles, new and old, now house museums.

Another major attraction is the Grodno Orthodox Cathedral Church. The building was erected in 1910. Now this is an important monument of architecture and culture.


Another attraction of Grodno is the Orthodox church of Nativity, located in the former convent buildings bazilian. The building was erected in 1751, this temple is an important architectural monument.

There are very rare Grodno and Belarus sight - Lutheran church, which presumably was built in 1783. The building is still performing its function during construction. Lutheran church in Belarus - a rarity, but in terms of architecture, the building is almost indistinguishable from an ordinary Catholic church.

Also in Grodno there is another rare sight - the main synagogue of the city. Synagogue in Grodno was built already in the 16th century. Until recently, is in a dilapidated condition. But more recently it completely restored. Ancient synagogues in Belarus have very few, even fewer of them are in good condition, so the main synagogue of Grodno is an important architectural monument.

Speaking about the sights of Grodno not to mention the building of the Grodno Regional Drama Theatre. It is though relatively modern, but convenient location in the most prominent place on the bank of the Neman make it one of the symbols of the city.

Given a list of attractions Grodno far from exhausted. Generally speaking the entire city center is busy historical urban development. Among these there are many attractions and former minor palaces and gymnasiums, schools or colleges, and pre-revolutionary buildings banks and houses and estates of wealthy burghers, and water towers, and much more. Deserves special mention though small, but very beautiful city park. The whole city center of Grodno is of particular interest for tourists.

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